Responsible screen use
Eyelove: being connected

being connected

screen responsibly

In a multi-screen world, it’s time to show our eyes some eyelove.

An open letter from your phone

screen responsibly

an open letter from your phone

are you sitting down? there's something you need to know

Tips for screening responsibly

screen responsibly

screen responsibly with these easy tips

putting your phone down to blink is a simple act of eyelove

survey results

screen responsibly

and the survey says...



Eyes feeling dry? Take a break from your phone or laptop and blink.

Screen. Blink. Listen.

screen responsibly


the 3 simple things you need to screen responsibly.

Screen responsibly

screen responsibly

keeping an eye on your screen time

screen time adds up.

Listen to your eyes

screen responsibly

your eyes are trying to tell you something

listen up and take care.

Chat with your eye doctor

doctor discussion guide

chat with your eye doctor

make your masterpiece today

download a convo starter


Want your eyes to feel refreshed? Try getting some extra Zzzzz's