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1,001 adults with self-reported dry eye symptoms took an eyelove-sponsored survey about their screening habits. Some of the results were pretty surprising. Now it's your turn to see how your screening habits stack up. Take the quiz. Get your spirit emoji.


Could you watch 3 (insert your favorite genre)
movies back to back to back?

That's way too much for me Yes! Movie marathons are my jam!

You sound like the 32% of our survey friends who said they stare at screens like TVs, laptops, and phones less than 6 hours per day. Keep up the good work!

Well, you can settle in with 68% of the people in this survey who said they use screens like TVs, laptops, and phones about 6 hours or more a day. And some even use screens for 10 hours or more. Yikes! That kind of next-level screening could be a trigger for dry eye symptoms.

Are you aware of how long you've been staring at the screen
you're staring at right now?

Yes, I've been timing myself No idea. What day is it?

Well, that's impressive. Only 17% of the people who responded to our survey could say the same.

It's not just you; 83% of people who took the survey said they get lost in their screens, too. Are we all watching the same cat videos or is that just us?

Never mind what you're watching, do you ever feel
guilty about how much you're watching?

Racked with guilt I'm ok with it

You're with the 64% of our survey people who said the same thing. Maybe we should do something about that.

Clean conscience. You're with the 36% of the people who can screen all they want, guilt-free.

Would you rather pause the series finale of your favorite
show to give your eyes a break or keep watching with
super irritated eyes?

I'm hitting pause Keep it down, my show's on

44% of survey people are with you. But the majority of people are powering through their dry eye symptoms to keep watching their favorite shows.

You're in the majority. Most survey responders said they'll power through their dry eye symptoms to keep watching their favorite shows.

Do you ever think about how screen time could
impact your eye health?

No screens, no problem Nah, not me

You're not alone. 94% of our survey friends agreed that responsible screening had an impact on their eye health.

You're in the minority here…only 3% of our survey friends didn't think screen use impacts their eye health.

Would you tell your eye doctor about your screen
time or keep your little secret to yourself?

I'm open about it Tell no one

Sometimes it's good to be an open book (or e-reader 😉). You and half of our survey friends have brought up your screen time with your eye doctor. Great work!

Well, now you and 45% of the people who took this survey have a common goal: Bring up your screen time with your eye doctor. Your eyes will thank you.