Limiting screen use: Screen, blink, listen

screen responsibly

keeping an eye on your
screen time

screen time adds up.


If you feel guilty about the amount of time you spend on screens, you're not alone—64% of adults who took our survey* said they feel the same way and 83% said they lose track of time when using screens. But the first step to guiltless screening is knowing and owning what your screen style is. Here are some ways you can track the mileage your eyes are racking up each day and try to cut back on your screen exposure.

Keep a screentime diary

Channel your tween-age self and log each moment your eyes meet a screen on good ol' pen and paper. You'll start to see your habits—and take small steps to correct them.

Track your battery usage

Check if your smartphone allows you to see your battery usage percentages or minutes-on-screen over time. It'll be a real eye-opener to see what apps soak up most of your attention each day.

Try a screen cleanse

If your lifestyle allows for it, give up one screen for a day, then another and another, until you've given them all up once. Chances are, the screens you craved the most may be causing you the most eyestrain. And once you know your screen junk food, you'll be more aware of your screen behavior—and your eyes will thank you for it.

*We chatted with over 1,000 adults in the US who said they had dry eye or dry eye symptoms and asked them to take an eyelove-sponsored survey about their screening habits.

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