Steps to reduce eye strain

screen responsibly


the 3 simple things you need to
screen responsibly.


We know you're a lean, mean screen-watching machine. Those social media posts aren't going to "like" themselves! But when screens seem to be telling you watch, watch, watch—all you have to do is remember these 3 easy steps to screen responsibly:


Enjoy all the things your screens can bring while keeping your eyes in mind. You don't have to quit screens cold turkey. Just be aware that all those plot twists in your movie marathon can add up. So, keep an eye on the amount of screen time you're logging.


Pause for breaks so you can press play on the content you love. With so much to stream, scroll, and swipe on your screens, it often feels like you'll blink and miss all the fun. But feel free to bake in some blink breaks and refrain from eyestrain.


In order to really screen responsibly, it's so important to listen. Stay in tune with what your eyes are telling you and listen to them when they say they're tired. Or listen to voice-activated devices and audio entertainment to give your eyes a break. But most importantly, screen responsibly is about listening to your body and taking care of yourself.

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