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screen responsibly

an open letter from
your phone

are you sitting down? there's
something you need to know


As your phone, I know a lot of your secrets. A lot.

Me and the laptop and the TV, we call them "screencrets"—secrets only your screens know. Like how much TV you've been bingeing on…exactly how late you slept in the other Sunday…and the most embarrassing thing you ever googled. (Don't worry, your screencrets are safe with me.)

But I'm not here to talk about your screencrets, of which there are too many to count. I'm here to talk about one of my own.

You see, staring at screens like me for too long…well, it could lead to a condition called dry eye. Dry eye can make your eyes feel dry (duh), but it can also make them watery, or red, or itchy, or gritty, like there's a tiny piece of sand stuck in there. Dry eye can even make your vision go all blurry from time to time.

Sound familiar? Millions of Americans report symptoms consistent with dry eye—but only a fraction see an eye doctor about it. Maybe they think it's just part of getting older, I don't know. It's a shame, because seeing an eye doctor is such a simple thing…why don't more people do it?

As your phone and, more importantly, as your friend, I urge you to screen responsibly. Take breaks from all that screen time. And see an eye doctor on the regular. Because those funny feelings in your eyes could be dry eye…and they could get worse over time.

The laptop and the TV didn't want me to write this editorial, but I love you too much not to write it. And I hope you love your eyes as much as I love you.

your phone

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