Watch for symptoms of dry eye

screen responsibly

your eyes are trying to
tell you something

listen up and take care.


When it comes right down to it, learning to screen responsibly is all about listening to what your eyes are telling you and taking the steps to show yourself some eyelove.

Listen to your eyes

Your eyes have a unique language to communicate how they feel, like giving you blurry vision when they're tired or watering when they're irritated. Listen to their hints and you'll know when it's time to show them some eyelove.

Check in on your body

Sometimes your body can clue you in on what to do to show your eyes some love. Tired? A full night's rest helps your eyes feel more refreshed during the day. Chilly? Warm up and avoid cold, dry air, which can trigger dry eye symptoms. Staying in tune with your body as a whole can help your eyes out, too.

Quiz your smart speakers

Let your smart home or smartphone speaker tell you what they know. Ask them to read you the news or tell you the weather while you rest your eyes. They are smarter than you think, so have fun exploring just how much that can do for you.

Entertain your ears

Not all entertainment requires your eyes. Whether it's a great, thought-provoking podcast or a "page-turner" audiobook, you can still get the big picture while resting your eyes.

Dictate your text

Use the speech-to-text feature on most smartphones and computers to do the writing for you. Nothing will make you feel more tech-savvy than orating your work emails or saying "l-o-l-exclamation-mark" aloud.

Chat with your eye doc

If there's anyone besides you who knows your eyes on an intimate level, it's your eye doc. But what your eye doc may not know is if you're experiencing symptoms of dry eye. Make sure to talk dry eye and screen habits during your annual exams—and listen up to what your personal eye expert has to say about it.

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