Omega-3 for dry eye

life with dry eye

feed your eyelove with a diet rich in omega-3s

the delicious way to help dry eyes

Science says that omega-3 fatty acids are good for people with dry eye. But when people hear the term omega-3 fatty acids, they often think of multivitamins. Not so fast! There are more ways to get omega-3s into your diet...

Top 3 (most extravagant!) fancy sources of omega-3

  • Caviar

    This super-rich delicacy is enjoyed at fancy dinner parties…and it’s a great source of omega-3

  • Scallops

    These delightful sea creatures not only look good on a plate but they’re also a source of omega-3

  • Lobster

    Fun to eat and a way to get omega-3 into your diet (don’t forget the butter)

Of course, there are some much less high-brow sources of omega-3—like salmon, sardines, and tuna (OK, and multivitamins)—but sometimes it's nice to get your omega-3 in style. And your eye doctor is a great source of omega-3 fatty that is.

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