Life with dry eye
Eyelove: just being me

just being me

life with dry eye

Dry eye can get in the way of the fun. But it doesn’t have to.

Partner with your eye doctor

life with dry eye

partner up with your eye doctor

a simple conversation can open up a world of options

Dry eye DIY

life with dry eye

time for some dry eye DIY

try these simple tips & tricks for living with dry eye

Omega-3 diet for dry eyes

life with dry eye

feed your eyelove with a diet rich in omega-3s

the delicious way to help dry eyes

Dry eye diagnosis

life with dry eye

how dry eye is diagnosed

hint: googling "do I have dry eye?" is not the right answer

Chat with your eye doctor

doctor discussion guide

chat with your eye doctor

make your masterpiece today

download a convo starter
How to protect your eyes

screen responsibly

screen responsibly with these easy tips

putting your phone down to blink is a simple act of eyelove

exercises for your eyes

why are my eyes dry

secret exercises for happy eyes

so simple! one of them you can do in your sleep



Wind bugging your dry eyes? Protect them from the air with some wrap-around sunglasses.

Rethink your artificial tear habit

life with dry eye

think about your artificial tears habit

if you're dropping artificial tears all day and your eyes are still bothering you, it could be a red flag for dry eye