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Here are some of the more surprising things we found

57% wish they had chatted with their eye doctor about their symptoms sooner

56% said they avoid activities that set off their dry eye symptoms

45% didn’t feel their symptoms were worth bringing up with their eye doctor

1 in 3

didn’t realize dry eye
can get worse over time

1 in 4

didn’t know eye dryness
was a symptom of dry eye

Eye doctors are seeing a trend in dry eye


said our multi-screen world is contributing
to dry eye symptoms


believe dry eye is becoming more common because of the tech in our lives


think Chronic Dry Eye
is underdiagnosed

We chatted with people about some common dry eye symptoms and here’s what they said:


didn't know
watery eyes


didn't know
blurry vision


didn’t know
about redness


didn’t know
about itching

See the rest of our survey results:

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What does C.A.R.E. stand for?

It stands for Current Attitudes Related to Eye Health. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so we shortened it to C.A.R.E. or The National Eye C.A.R.E. Survey.

How was the survey conducted?

The survey was conducted online in the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Shire.

When did it happen?

Between July 6 and 27 of 2015.

Who did you chat with?

We chatted with 1,210 US adults (that’s anyone who’s 18 and over) who reported dry eye symptoms, including:

  • 375 adults who were diagnosed with dry eye
  • 835 adults who were not diagnosed, but experienced dry eyes symptoms and used artificial tears to relieve those symptoms within the past month

In a separate part of the survey, we chatted with 1,015 eye doctors in the US: 502 optometrists and 513 ophthalmologists to be exact.

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