Makeup tips for eyelove

feel the eyelove

flaunt your eyelove with
these makeup ideas

you'll be turning heads and
locking eyes in no time


Your eyes are usually the first thing people notice. So why not show them off? Use these ideas to make a statement at your next girls' night, date night, or trip to the supermarket—while keeping your eyes healthy.

Add an air of mystery

Use smokey eye to give off a dark and moody look that dares people to look into your eyes. Pro tip: Apply makeup outside the lash line and away from your eye to avoid blocking the oil glands that help protect your eye's surface.

Enhance what you already have

Try the naked eye look to keep your jealous friends guessing whether or not you woke up looking like that. Pro tip: Make sure your face and eyelids are clean before applying your makeup.

Try a splash of color

Fun and vibrant colors accenting your eyes are sure to make you a conversation piece for the evening. Pro tip: Do your eyes a favor by removing all eye makeup before you go to bed…especially any makeup that can stick to your eyelids.

Give these a try this week. When your eyes look good, you'll feel good. And if dry eye symptoms are stopping you from showing off your eyes, have a chat with your eye doctor. Nobody wants watery eyes smearing their fashion statement.

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