Behind-the-lids of dry eye

why are my eyes dry?

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look at dry eye

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To understand how dry eye works, we have to look deep into your eyes. In fact, let's take a look right now. We'll start with your tears.

Dry eye and phone use

Having dry eye doesn't mean you stop making tears—it means that you may not be making the right quantity or quality of tears—which can lead to those frustrating interruptions of the things we love.

If our tears get out of whack, it can add some stress to the surface of our eyes. While you're reading this article, chances are you're stressing out your eyes. (Sorry!) That's because looking at the screen on your computer, tablet, or phone can be irritating to your dry eyes.

Dry Eye Causes: Low Humidity

This stress can lead to irritation or inflammation, which then stresses your eyes more—and can lead to even more inflammation. No fun! This can happen over and over again, creating a cycle of inflammation.

Dry Eye Causes: Low Humidity

But don't stress out! Instead, have a chat with your eye doctor. He or she knows all about the science of dry eye and would love to help.

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