Dry eye symptoms

why are my eyes dry?

this dry eye symptom
may surprise you

some symptoms put the "dry"
in dry eye, but not this one


What comes to mind when you think of dry eye symptoms? Probably not "watery," right? It is called "dry" eye after all. Well, it turns out wet, watery eyes can also be a symptom. Think about that the next time your watery eyes get in the way of your fun—and be on the lookout for all sorts of other dry eye symptoms:

  • Stinging


    When our eyes feel like they're stinging…ouch

  • Burning eyes

    burning eyes

    All the feelings of cutting an onion without the onion

  • Irritation


    When everything bothers your eyes

  • Itchy


    Like a wool sweater

  • Gritty


    Like you just did a face-plant on the beach

  • Redness


    A red flag for dry eye

  • Blurry vision

    occasional blurry vision

    It cuts in and out and it's super annoying

  • A spec in your eye

    sensation of a speck in your eye

    That weird sensation like there's something in your eyes…but there isn't

If you can relate to these symptoms, it's time to find out what's really going on.

Chatting with an eye doctor is a great start.

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