How to listen to your eyes

why are my eyes dry?

how to listen to your eyes

start with these 6 questions


Why is it that sometimes we're really good about listening to our eyes... like when we're swiping right or shopping for that perfect pair of stilettos online? While other times? Not so much. Like when we ignore how our eyes are feeling during the day. Don't worry, your eyes forgive you. But they'd sure appreciate your answering these questions.

6 questions your eyes would ask you if they could

  • Be honest: how often are you really dropping artificial tears throughout the day?

  • Ever wonder why your eyes feel so dry, itchy, or gritty?

  • Do you mysteriously get blurry vision sometimes or watery eyes?

  • Does marathoning through TV shows seem to bug your eyes?

  • Do irritated eyes have you counting down the minutes 'til you can pop out your contacts?

  • Ever skip out on plans because your eyes might bug you (like a girls' night out at the movies)?

Whether you just got chills or could answer yes to only a few, have a chat with your eye doctor. Those feelings your eyes are trying to tell you about could be dry eye, a condition that can get worse over time. Trust us. Your eyes will thank you for it.

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