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There you are, getting into your "you" time groove and then—BOOM!—those symptoms you've been experiencing come back. Now your eyes are dry, itchy, or gritty, or your vision gets all blurry sometimes. Your "you" time is becoming more like "what's up with my eyes?" time. Welp, those symptoms could be dry eye. And they love to interrupt us at really annoying times.

We've compiled a list of these interruptions. Take a look.

  • Last chapter of your thriller and your eyes can't make it to the last page

  • On a roll at work but your eyes are ready to clock out

  • Your lunchtime stroll cut short when your eyes can't handle the breeze

  • A ridiculous online sale and your eyes won't put up with another minute of staring at your tablet

  • Hitting pause after season 1 episode 1 because your eyes…like…can't even

  • Finally getting outdoors and running back inside because it's too bright and sunny for your eyes

  • Calling it quits on girls' night out (the one you rescheduled 3 times) because your watery eyes can't hang

  • Car radio karaoke cut short during your drive home at night

  • Getting glammed up for date night but your contacts aren't feeling it, so glasses it is.

  • Tearing up at the movies and not because of the plotline

  • Accidentally hitting "reply all" (oops!) to that personal e-mail thread because your blurry eyes switched the buttons again

  • Rocking sunglasses even when it's cloudy because the slightest breeze sends your eyes for a whirl

  • When looking at your phone at night is like staring into the summer sun

  • Hanging around the house under 50 blankets when it's cold outside because the heater is your eyes' worst enemy

We hope these don't sound too familiar, but if they do, chat with your eye doctor about dry eye.

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