Dry eye causes and triggers

why are my eyes dry?

what are the dry eye triggers in your life?

here are two things that can make your eyes feel dry

Dry eye symptoms may seem like they come out of nowhere. But that may mean you’re overlooking some of the common dry eye triggers around you. Here are two big ones we think everyone should know about:

  • Dry eye and phone use

    Staring at your phone

    Online shopping is great for the wardrobe—but looking at a screen (even this one) for too long can cut your blink rate nearly in half, which can contribute to the symptoms of dry eye.

  • Dry Eye Causes: Low Humidity

    Being in a dry climate

    Helps with a good hair day. Not so helpful for dry eye. Low humidity can make your symptoms worse. Same goes for airplanes and—brrrrrrrr—cold weather.

Don’t worry, no one is asking you to throw away your phone or move to the tropics. But if you’re dealing with one or both of these every day, it’s a great idea to chat with your doctor.

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