it's time to
love your eyes

(as much as you love your screens)

Eyelove is all about showing your eyes some love.

That means chatting with your eye doctor about dry eye.

Dry eye triggers

why are my eyes dry

what are the dry eye triggers in your life?

Partner with your eye doctor

life with dry eye

partner up with your eye doctor

Screen personality quiz

screen responsibly

take the screen personality quiz

What is eyelove?

feel the eyelove

what is eyelove, anyway?

it's more than just eye appreciation

What is eyelove?

feel the eyelove

what is eyelove, anyway?

Talking to your eye doctor

doctor conversation guide

chat with your eye doctor

download a convo starter
Dry eye and screen usage | Survey results

screen responsibly

and the survey says…

Screen responsibly

screen responsibly
watch now:

the stories I could tell…


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